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The Process

Welcome to Save My Ink Forever, where we offer a seamless process for individuals to either plan their own tattoo preservation or for family members to engage our specialized services upon their passing. 

Embarking on this transformative journey is as straightforward as it is meaningful. We've curated a simple, three-step process that ensures a smooth and respectful experience. 

The process is designed to be accessible and respectful, ensuring that the beauty of each tattoo is preserved and celebrated. Save My Ink Forever is not just a service; it's a partnership in crafting a lasting legacy.

First Contact

Individuals can contact us at any time to plan a tattoo preservation ahead of life passing. Family members may contact us prior to death and or within a few days of passing. 

Recovery Kit

After contact we will send a recovery kit that contains all of the essential paperwork and materials for the recovery process for you or your loved ones tattoo(s). We can preserve one or all of the tattoos in question.


The family can expect to receive  their loved one's framed tattoo art within 3 months. Our framing artist  will pair a frame to best suite the style of the tattoo, accompanied  with museum quality UV glass. 

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