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Welcome to Save My Ink Forever, the exclusive destination for mortuary professionals seeking to elevate their services with our groundbreaking tattoo preservation technique. We extend licensing, comprehensive training, and lucrative franchise opportunities to established professionals in the mortuary industry.

At the core of our offering is a proprietary process that transforms the preservation of human skin with tattoos into an art form. As the sole authority in imparting this cutting-edge technique, Save My Ink Forever is the singular destination where mortuary professionals can acquire the knowledge and expertise to offer this innovative service to their clients.

Our program is designed to be a full-service solution, providing a seamless integration of licensing, training, and franchise opportunities. With a ten-year license, professionals gain the exclusive right to perform our distinguished preservation process, positioning themselves at the forefront of an exciting and unique market opportunity.

Join Save My Ink Forever and embark on a journey of professional growth and innovation. Elevate your mortuary services by integrating our specialized tattoo preservation technique, offering your clients a distinctive and cherished way to commemorate their loved ones. Seize the opportunity to stand out in your industry by becoming a licensed practitioner of our transformative process.

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